Hey! Jonathan here~
I’m 17 this year, though my brain-age is most probably 3 or 4 or whatever~
I’m from Malaysia, but my relatives are all over the world but trust me, it isn’t as cool as it sounds~ I miss them a lot~
I love posting blogs of my life, mainly to boost or motivate yours, and I’m completely fine with you laughing at it~ Yea, totes, believe it~
Anyways, it’d be cool if you’d join me on my journey in life, and here are some reasons why:
-Well it was hard alone to think of one, but you get the drill~ Basically, to understand my brain, it’s like asking a 5 year old to read Shakespeare~
-I am extremely right brained, which makes my post easy going! At least I hope so~ I do quite a lot of activities for an ambivert, and blogging is definitely the introverted side of me~
-I am in a long distant relationship~ We never met, and that is really weird~ But not everything has to go through the typical, traditional way to be “perfect” right? And I’m pretty sure this is one of those exceptions~ I’ll post snaps of our week on every blog, and it will be cool if it keeps you entertained~


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